• Two-channel vibrating wire interface
  • Compatible with a wide range of vibrating wire sensors
  • Reliable vibrating wire gage measurement
  • Programmable gage characteristics
  • Includes temperature measurement inputs
  • Low power operation from 12 V
  • High performance processing
  • Easily integrates with Campbell Scientific and Sutron MCU’s
  • Supports multiplexer expansion


  • Controller | Hitachi 32-bit 3067F
  • Processor Speed | 7.3728 MHz
  • Program Memory | 128K FLASH
  • Data Memory | 64K SRAM
  • Communication | RS-232 or TTL serial I/O
  • Communication Speed | 1200 bps
  • Measurement Range | 200-4500 Hz
  • Algorithm Resolution | 0.1356/cycles
  • Algorithm Accuracy | 0.05% FSR
  • Excitation Range | 200-4500 Hz
  • Operating Power | 12 V @ 40 mA
  • Quiescent Power | 0.001 mA
  • Dimensions (L×W×H) | 125×75×25 mm
  • Operating Temperature | –40 to +60° C

Designed to provide highly reliable Vibrating Wire gage measurements along with multiplexer channel expansion

vwdspinterface_pictureThe VWDSP Interface consists of a precision differential amplifier front-end and analog filter in addition to digital signal processing techniques to effectively ensure that a correct measurement is obtained. A TTL or RS-232 level interface is used for connecting to the host device. The VWDSP does not have data storage capability so it must be used in conjunction with other devices to deploy a data acquisition system. Typically it is used in conjunction with control modules such as the Campbell Scientific CR10X / CR800 / CR1000 or Sutron Xpert. Contact Canary Systems for support of other Measurement and Control Modules (MCU’s).

Two vibrating wire input channels are supported, each channel also includes capability of reading temperature measuring devices such as thermistors that are typically integrated with the vibrating wire instruments.

Up to 8 multiplexers may be controlled by the VWDSP thereby increasing channel capacity without requiring any additional control inputs from the connected MCU.

The VWDSP Interface includes reversal polarity protection on the power inputs as well as transient protection components on all connections to ensure maximum reliability.

The complete list of features and specifications is detailed on the VW DSP Interface Data Sheet