• Single integrated platform

    A single integrated platform with an intuitive interface to view and analyze all your monitoring data

  • Intranet and Internet

    Provides web data access to the project database via intranet / internet

  • Easy deployment

    Requires no custom web programming or development

  • From data to action

    Powerful notification and reporting options help translate raw data into decisions and actions

  • GIS integration

    Support for ArcGIS map server integration including InSar satellite data

  • Current status

    Single point of interaction to monitor current project status including alarms, uploaded photos and field notes

  • Customizable

    Features fully customizable data viewing and data entry forms

  • Secure

    Secure Microsoft® ASP.NET® web technology for user access control

MLWeb®: The powerful integrated platform for all your monitoring data


MLWeb® provides intranet and internet access to the entire project database using secure technology built on Internet Information Services (IIS) from Microsoft®. It allows access to all your monitoring data from anywhere, in any standard web browser, including on mobile devices and tablets, and the latest version offers unmatched flexibility and customization options for reports, views and actions.


MLWeb® allows viewing of the entire project database in a web browser via the Intranet (as well as Internet). It presents views (configured using MLWeb® or Insite) in a number of layers, including instrument locations, alarm status, uploaded images and documents, as well as quick access to the associated output. MLWeb® features support for ArcGIS map server layers including InSar satellite data overlays. For a list of supported layer/file formats, please see next page. It also includes data entry forms that allow viewing, entering and modifying data stored in the database. The interface is easy to use, intuitive, and fully customizable, including manipulation of display options, windows and reports.

Sites are password protected with secure SQL technology configured using MLDBConsole. User access roles can be set, for example for viewing the project as guests or to give access to specific data elements for data entry. With MLWeb® your Intranet/Internet based data access system is quickly and easily deployed to view all project data in a single integrated powerful platform, without any custom web programming!

MLWeb® is designed to run under the Microsoft® Internet Information Services (IIS) platform which is available for a variety of Windows server platforms including Windows Server 2008/2012 as well as personal Operating Systems such as Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. The client is compatible with all popular browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Google Chrome®, Mozilla Firefox® and Apple Safari®, and this includes many mobile devices, such as the Apple iPhone®.

MLWeb® is part of the MLSuite® software package of applications.

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