• Provides automated programming and network management
  • Supports local and remote configurations of hardware
  • Supports multi-user network and system access
  • Password protection limits changes to authorized personnel
  • Uses Windows functionality for modems (TAPI) and network devices (TCP/IP Winsock)
  • Supports all popular Campbell Measurement and Control Units (MCU’s)
  • Supports virtually all commercially available communication devices
  • Automates data collection from all configured systems
  • Automates data import when using the database system
  • Includes text and graphical monitoring modes


MultiLogger provides for network management including automated programming and data collection


MultiLogger is a Windows application designed to manage the automatic data acquisition systems (ADAS), this includes automating programming if necessary and automating data collection. The systems may be connected directly to the PC running MultiLogger or connected using numerous types of communication equipment including short-haul modems, phone modems, radios, fiber-optic or Ethernet interfaces. Virtually all communication devices currently on the market are supported. It supports ADAS gear from Campbell Scientific as well as other manufactures.

Support for Campbell Scientific gear includes complete program automation based on user selected options such as scan interval, channel configurations, data storage option and alarm action. Channel configuration options include support for instruments directly connected to the wiring panels and those connected using multiplexers (units from numerous manufacturers supported). Each channel may be configured for gage type | make | model, including conversion factors, units conversion and alarm limits. Temperature devices may be read as well. Supported Campbell Measurement and Control Modules (MCU’s) include the CR500/510, CR10/10X, CR7/21, CR23X, CR2xx, CR800 and CR1000. Seismic recorders are also supported, including automating data collection and database import from several different Kinemetrics recorders.

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NetworkManager NetworkManagerTasks NetworkManagerLoggerSettings
01 Network Manager 02 Network Manager Tasks 03 Network Manager Logger Settings
NetworkManagerDataCollectionSettings NetworkManagerDataCollectionStatus CommunicationsLog
04 Network Manager Data Collection Settings 05 Network Manager Data Collection Status 06 Communications Log
LoggerProgramOptions LoggerConfigureMultiplexers LoggerConfigureChannels
07 Logger Program Options 08 Logger Configure Multiplexers 09 Logger Configure Channels
LoggerConfigureInputLocations LoggerConfigureTotalStation LoggerTextMonitor
10 Logger Configure Input Locations 11 Logger Configure Total Station 12 Logger Text Monitor
LoggerGraphicalMonitor LoggerTerminal
13 Logger Graphical Monitor 14 Logger Terminal.jpg