• Mobile

    Runs on your Android™, iPhone®, iPad® or iPad Mini® device in the field

  • Seamless

    Seamlessly synchronize data, photos and notes from local surveys with the live project database

  • Identify

    Quick Response (QR) codes allow for quickly identifying instruments in the field

  • Output

    Provides quick overview of an instrument’s recently collected data

MLField® is a mobile application that is designed to bridge the gap between data collection in the field, and the hosted project database. MLField® allows for identifying instruments in the field using a Quick Response (QR) code scanner, as well as synchronizing data manually collected in the field with the project database. MLField® can also quickly provide an output of that instruments recently collected data.

MLField® is intended to be used with MultiLogger® Suite ADAS software; and synchronization between MLField® and the MultiLogger® Database Console (MLDBConsole) is achieved using a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection.

The current version of MLField® can be run on a number of iOS hardware platforms such as the iPhone® or iPad®, as well as Android™ devices.

While MLField® can be used for several purposes, its intended use is as a tool for identifying instruments in the field while providing a method for syncing manually collected field data with the live project database.

Quick Response (QR) codeTypically MLField® is used by a field technician for performing a survey of instruments. Using a mobile device with MLField® configured and running, the technician would visit each instrument location, scan the instruments Quick Response (QR) code to identify it, then manually take a reading. An example QR code is shown on the right. QR codes are generated by MLDBConsole, and printed on laminated adhesive labels.

From there, the data can be entered and saved to the iOS/Android device. Along with data, notes or photographs may be recorded and saved along with the data point. Moving from instrument to instrument, the technician can proceed through the survey, saving data to the iOS/Android device after each data entry (or at the end of the survey). The survey is finished by synchronizing the data, notes, and photos saved on the iOS/Android device with the project database.

The Android version additionally comes with a background update feature, allowing the user to synchronize measurements and notes made in the field automatically with the database, without the need for a manual update.

It should be noted that conducting the survey does not require an active Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. Since the survey data, notes, and photographs are stored on the iOS/Android Device, an active Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection is only required during synchronization and logging in/out of the database.

MLField® can be run on several iOS/Android devices simultaneously under different database user profiles.

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