• Mobile

    Runs on  iOS and Android powered devices and operates in offline mode in the field

  • Maps

    Built-in georeferencing using device GPS or typed coordinates

  • Maps

    Satellite, Street and 3D Map Views via Google Maps, in live and cached modes

  • Observation

    Seamlessly synchronize data, photos and notes from local surveys with the live project database

  • Validation

    Automatic validation of data entry with defined tolerances

  • Identification

    QR codes allow for identifying instruments in the field


MLField® is a mobile application that is designed to bridge the gap between data collection and observations in the field, and the hosted project database. MLField® allows for identifying instruments in the field using a Quick Response (QR) code scanner, or by locating them on Google Maps; creating data elements in the field for ad-hoc observation; and synchronizing data, photos and notes manually collected in the field with the project database. MLField® can also quickly provide an output of that instruments recently collected data.

MLField® is intended to be used with MultiLogger Suite ADAS software; synchronization between MLField™ and the project database is achieved using a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. The current version of MLField® can be run on a number of iOS hardware platforms such as the iPhone® or iPad®, as well as Android™ devices.

Typically MLField® is used by a field technician for performing a survey of instruments. Using a mobile device with MLField® configured, the technician visits each instrument location using the built-in Google Maps which shows existing instrument locations on a map, scans the instrument’s Quick Response (QR) code – if needed to identify it – then manually takes a reading. An example QR code is shown below. QR codes are generated by MLWeb® and printed on laminated adhesive labels.

The data is then entered and saved to the iOS/Android device. Along with data, notes or photos may be recorded and saved with the data point. Moving from instrument to instrument, the technician proceeds through the survey, saving data to the iOS device after each data entry. When the survey is complete, the technician returns to the network area and synchronizes the recently collected data with the project database (either manually by tapping a button, or automatically when the background auto-up
date feature is enabled).

Manager level users of MLField® additionally can make on the fly observations while on-site by creating new data elements from within the app, georeferencing them with the device’s GPS (or by manually entering known coordinates), and saving photos, notes and data that may help in describing the observation.
It should be noted that conducting the survey does not require an active Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection while in the field. Since the survey data, notes, and photos are stored on the iOS/Android Device, an active Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection is only required during synchronization with the project database.

MLField® can be run on several iOS/Android devices simultaneously under different database user profiles.

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