• Provides secure database management functions for local or remote databases
  • Import Wizard creates import definitions for importing data from a variety of files
  • Easily organize data elements in logical groupings using Group View
  • Allows viewing and editing of static or dynamic data records
  • Supports manually adding new groups, data elements and data
  • Allows configuration of tolerance settings to auto-validate data
  • Extensive field editing functions with Set Data Fields form
  • Provides database security with 4 user types and access levels
  • Includes maintenance functions such as database backup and restore
  • Track data changes using audit tracking and reporting


MLDBConsole provides extensive database management functions including data import, database organization, auditing and security configuration


MLDBConsole is a Windows application that is one of two applications we develop for supporting database organization, archiving and access of data. MLDBConsole is the management console. It provides for creating the database, managing the Groups and Data Elements stored, backup and restore of the database and configuring user logins. MultiLogger utilizes MLDBConsole via command-line parameters to automatically import data collected from the ADAS network. When used by MultiLogger additional information regarding the data is automatically imported including channel labeling, units conversions and alarm types and values. It also includes an import wizard to provide for importing data files from virtually any source, whether collected from an automated system or extracted from other sources such as worksheet exports. To insure the highest quality data used for alarms and outputs, MLDBConsole provides for configuring tolerance limits for each Data Element. The database server utilized is the open-source Firebird SQL Server which provides for secure, highly reliable data archiving. No SQL programming expertise is required to utilize this powerful database system. The database may be accessed over Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN). Contact Canary Systems for support of other database platforms.

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ViewGroups ViewDataElement ViewData
01 View Groups 02 View Data Element 03 View Data
ViewDynamicEvents ViewInstrument ViewInstrumentData
04 View Dynamic Events 05 View Instrument 06 View Instrument Data
ViewDataImportLog DatabaseBackup DatabaseRestore
07 View Data Import Log 08 Database Backup 09 Database Restore
SetDataFields ConfigureUsers AuditTrailReport
10 Set Data Fields 11 Configure Users 12 Audit Trail Report