• Presents the project as a series of graphical views with icons to show instruments locations
  • Provides data monitoring including alarm status and notification
  • Supports multiple-users accessing local or remote databases
  • Easily and quickly processes data and generates reports, charts and spreadsheets
  • Very flexible filtering criteria to select data based on date ranges, logical tests or calculation results
  • Calculations can be created and stored in the database to post-process the measurement data
  • Calculation engine supports over 60 functions including aggregate and historical functions
  • Powerful charting tool supports over 20 different chart types and can include alarm values and trendlines
  • Element chart presents series data comprised of several data or calculated elements, such as borehole deformation plotting
  • Includes specialized charting tools including Wind Rose and comprehensive Event Chart for reducing and presenting high-speed data, such as seismic data
  • Provides notification configuration for alarms, events and automated outputs


Insite is a desktop tool that provides viewing of the project database including status of current measurements, creation of various data outputs and notification configuration


Insite is the Windows application for client data access. It presents the project as a series of views, i.e. graphics, with instrument locations denoted by icons placed on the views. The icons show current measurements including alarm status and provide for quickly generating its associated output type, whether report, chart or spreadsheet. Insite includes support for two report types, a columnar report for basic data presentation and a second type for presenting statistical information regarding the data. The charting tool is very powerful with support for over 20 basic chart types and extensive functionality including automated generation of trendlines and presentation of alarm limits. Insite also includes a second charting tool which provides for presenting data where each series is comprised of one or more data or calculated elements, e.g. horizontal or vertical deflection profiles, or comparing maximum/minimum values in the database to the current values. The spreadsheet output (Micosoft Excel is required) will directly create an Excel worksheet and populate it with data. Calculated elements which are derived from data elements or other calculated elements may be created and stored in the database and used in a similar manner as data elements, e.g. shown on the views, included in the outputs and used to trigger alarms. Database alarms and notification are also configured using Insite, these include five basic types of alarms and notification.

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MainView1 ConfigureElements FormulaEditorElement
01 Main View 02 Configure Elements 03 Formula Editor Element
FormulaEditorFormula ConfigureAlarms ConfigureAlarmTypes
04 Formula Editor Formula 05 Configure Alarm 06 Configure Alarm Types
FormulaEditorAlarmTypes ConfigureNotifications ConfigureTotalStation
07 Formula Editor Alarm Types 08 Configure Notifications 09 Configure Total Station
ConfigureOutputs1 ConfigureQuickvReport ConfigureQuickChart
10 Configure Outputs 11 Configure Quick Report 12 Configure Quick Chart
ConfigureSpreadsheet ConfigureInstrumentReport ConfigureElementChart
13 Configure Spreadsheet 14 Configure Instrument Report 15 Configure Element Chart
ConfigureWindRose ConfigureEventChart ConfigureInclinometerChart
16 Configure Wind Rose 17 Configure Event Chart 18 Configure Inclinometer Chart
ConfigureTDRChart ConfigureCustomReport QuickReport
19 Configure TDR Chart 20 Configure Custom Report 21 Quick Report
QuickChart QuickChart1 QuickChart2
22 Quick Chart 23 Quick Chart 24 Quick Chart
ExcelSpreadsheet ElementChart ElementChart1
25 Excel Spreadsheet 26 Element Chart 27 Element Chart
InstrumentReport WindRose WindDistribution
28 Instrument Report 29 Wind Rose 30 Wind Distribution
EventChartSeismicAcceleration EventChartSeismicDisplacement InclinometerChart
31 Event Chart Seismic Acceleration 32 Event Chart Seismic Displacement 33 Inclinometer Chart
TDRChart QuickViewTool
34 TDR Chart 35 Quick View Tool