• General Purpose

    Supports a wide range of available sensors including Vibrating Wire, MEMs, SDI-12, and 4-20mA

  • Extensible

    Additional options for VW interface and multiplexers for channel extension

  • Easy configuration

    Easy channel configuration and system programming using our MultiLogger® software

  • Durable

    NEMA 4/12 and NEMA 4X enclosures for long-term durability and protection


The Canary Systems MLDAQ is a powerful, rugged and reliable wireless data acquisition station for general purpose use.

The MLDAQ supports measurements from a wide range of available sensors, including vibrating wire (with optional vibrating wire interface), load cells, micro-electro-mechanical (MEMs) sensors, flowmeters, linear potentiometers, thermocouples, thermistors, SDI-12 sensors, 4-20mA sensors, weather instruments such as wind sets, rain gages, temperature and humidity.

MLDAQAt the heart of the system is the CR1000 Measurement and Control Module. This MCU features very flexible programming and communications, along with large internal data storage. Optionally, an AVW200 Vibrating Wire Interface can be installed which provides for reading all commercially available vibrating wire instrumentation including piezometers, strain gages, crack/displacement meters, in-place inclinometers and load cells. Canary Systems MiniMux are available as options to expand the number of measurement channels per station.

Two different power configurations are provided depending on power consumption and available recharging. The 12AHr battery version (MLDAQ-12A/12S) is designed for applications with minimal power consumption, a larger 50AHr battery version (MLDAQ-50A/50S) supports applications requiring additional high power consumption communication or measurement peripherals. Both systems are supplied with AC powered battery chargers as well as solar panels.

MLDAQ assembly

The MLDAQ base station is designed from the outset for operation in demanding environments. Enclosure options include NEMA 4X rated fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) for the 12A/12S models and NEMA 4/12 rated painted steel for the larger 50A/50S models. Mil-spec connectors and industrial cable glands additionally protect against harsh conditions and the elements.

Optional uni-strut mounting kits are available to provide for pipe mounting of the enclosures. The enclosures are easily wall-mounted using the integrated enclosure mounting tabs. The MLDAQ comes with a 1-year limited warranty

Download the MLDAQ product sheet