• Automated

    Designed to automatically monitor vibrating wire gages

  • Wireless

    Includes WiBox Radio for WiFi communications

  • Vibrating Wire

    Allows to measure strain gauges, pressure transducers, piezometers, tiltmeters, crackmeters, and load cells

  • And more

    Ability to read thermistor and resistive sensors

  • Multi-channel

    Channel measurement capability of up to 16 sensors with the MiniMux option

  • Self-monitoring

    Capable of monitoring and reporting its own battery power status and temperature

Vibrating Wire Datalogger

The Canary Systems MCLOG-VW-24S is our standard WiFi datalogger designed to monitor vibrating wire sensors. The MCLOG-VW-24S contains a CR200X series datalogger, a Canary Systems VW Comm module for vibrating wire measurements, Canary Systems MicroMux multiplexer providing 4 vibrating wire channels, and Lantronix WBX2100E Wibox Radio for communications.

MCLOG-VW-24SThe VW Comm is a vibrating-wire interface designed to automatically monitor a variety of instruments, including vibrating wire, flowmeters, linear potentiometers and 4-20mA, among others. The excitation and measurement parameters are programmable to support all commonly used vibrating wire instruments. The VW Comm Module also supports reading YSI44005 type thermistors to provide sensor temperature measurements, and supports other thermistors or temperature devices as well.

In addition to the vibrating wire and thermistor input capability, a single-ended voltage up to 2.5 VDC can be measured. A high accuracy 2.5 VDC reference is also provided for powering other sensors such as RTD’s and linear potentiometers. The VW Comm can also read the power supply voltage and internal temperature.

The standard MicroMux multiplexer provides 4 input channels. The optional MiniMux multiplexer can expand the channel measurement capability from 4 to 16 sensors.

The Lantronix WBX2100E WiBox Radio provides connectivity to a deployed wireless 802.11b/g network and comes with a 2.4GHz 9 dBi Yagi Antenna.

Power to all components is supplied by a rechargeable 12V 24AHr lead-acid battery including a 30W solar panel. The battery is suitable for several weeks of operation without sunlight, and is delivered installed and ready to use. It should last for about 3-5 years. The application and measurement interval have a large
effect on battery life.

At the bottom of the NEMA 4/12 rated painted steel enclosure are connections for the solar panel, external antenna and 2 or 4 cable glands for vibrating wire sensors. The charging is controlled by a Sunsaver charge controller unit. There are LED indications on the Sunsaver solar charge controller and WiBox Radio.

Warranty for the MCLOG-VW-24S is applicable for 1 year.

Download the MCLOG-VW-24S product sheet