Join us at the 2018 SME Annual Confernce – Booth 1004

Join us again at the leading minerals industry event in the nation, February 25-28, at the SME Annual Conference & Expo at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN. You can find Canary Systems in the expo hall at booth 1004.

And don’t miss our contribution to this year’s technical sessions, written by W. Conrad and A. Neuwirt; Canary Systems, Inc., Tuscon, AZ.

Slope stability monitoring has become standard practice for open pits, tailings impoundments, dams, and other earth and rock structures to help manage safety and operational risks. A limiting factor for the wider use of geodetic instruments, such as ground-based radar, automated total stations, and GPS, has historically been cost. Due to this, they are typically installed to monitor only high-risk areas. GPS is easily deployed and is relatively inexpensive, but has lacked cost effectiveness to be used on the same scale as radars and total stations. In order to increase the affordability and thus the scale of GPS monitoring, a low-cost unit has been developed that integrates a L1 single-frequency GPS receiver, battery charger, microcontroller for system measurements and control, and a wired/wireless Ethernet adapter module. The unit reports internal system measurements such as voltage, temperature, humidity, and the status of a switch closure input which is typically used to record rainfall. As a result of the development of this product, GPS monitoring will better compliment other geodetic instruments and enable the monitoring of lower priority, but still important infrastructure.