Join us at the 2017 SME Annual Conference – Booth 2244

Join us again at the leading minerals industry event in the nation, February 19-22, at the SME Annual Conference & Expo at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO. You will find Canary Systems in the expo hall booth 2244.

And don’t miss our contribution to this year’s technical sessions, Wednesday, Feb 22 at 9:05am (Mining & Exploration:  Technology: Generating  Value through Technology –  Justifying Technology  Investments in a Cyclical Industry)!

Benefits of Instrument Automation and  Integration in a Cyclical Mining Industry W. Conrad and A. Neuwirt; Canary Systems, Inc., Tucson, AZ

No matter if the mining industry is in an economic upswing or downswing, mine monitoring programs must continue to ensure a safe working environment for employees and assist in preventing a geotechnical or environmental disaster. Many sites currently rely on the manual collection and entry of data for this type of risk management. While manual collection may initially seem more appealing due to lower upfront costs, an automated system allows for reduced long-term expenses and provides a higher risk reduction by allowing an output of more timely, actionable information through periods of both prosperity and recession. By integrating automatically collected data from multiple instrument types into a single system, mine sites can gain a real-time, comprehensive view of the geotechnical and environmental characteristics of their site. As the economic cycle in the mining industry continues to spin, automated monitoring systems allow sites to consistently ensure a high level of risk assessment to provide employee safety and assist in protecting company assets. This paper will explore how the automation of instrumentation affects mine sites throughout the highs and lows of the industry.