Canary Systems launches video portal

If a picture says a thousand words, then a video says a million. In this spirit, Canary Systems proudly launches its video portal today, This publicly accessible portal features training clips, basic tutorials covering interface functions of the MultiLogger® Suite software, new features and releases, licensing and installation walkthroughs, and more. We’ll be adding new clips weekly (roughly), so check back often for new content. The initial launch already includes the following useful tutorials:

  • How to use the Quick Chart Selection tool this video shows how to plot data ad-hoc on a Quick Chart in MLWeb® 2016 using the Selection Tool and highlighting icons/elements in a View; and how to save and later retrieve the same selection
  • Apply Tolerances using Set Data Fieldshow to quickly clean up outliers in a chart by setting and applying Tolerances using the Set Data Fields function in MLWeb® 2016, including for historical and even for future data (automated data validation)
  • Setting up a Dashboard using Dockinghow to quickly configure a Dashboard type workspace by using Window Docking in MLWeb® 2016. Docking avoids having to manually resize and place outputs and windows in the workspace, and instead allows to quickly assemble even complex dashboards with just a few clicks
  • Basic Quick Chart Configurationa walkthrough through the basic steps to create and configure a Quick Chart in MLWeb®, showing some of the most commonly used options including visual settings, loading a background image, Y1/Y2 axis configuration for plotting multiple elements, and more.
  • Adding a GIS web server layer – The Basicsthis video covers the basics of creating an Image View and linking layers to a GIS map server (such as MapQuest, ArcGIS and other web mapping services), then placing geo-referenced instruments onto the view in MLWeb®.